My Caesarean Experience —-1

It was 26/07/2016

I sat opposite my Ob/Gyn, a middle aged Yoruba doctor who has settled in the south east. I tried taking in what I had just heard him say. I had undergone an ultrasound and the result was laid out on the doctor’s desk.

“My dear”, he continued ” that is the best option for you. If you want  to try normal delivery, fine but as a doctor, I recommend you go for a CS”

I looked at him disbelievely, and tried hard to keep the tears from coming out. My eyes was already misty. I was pregnant with twins-boy and girl. The twin girl was nearer to my cervix, medically she is T1. She was breached, presenting her buttocks. Dr Ejikunle explained that if I ought for a V- delivery, it would be long and painful and we could end up jeopardizing the life of the twin boy plus it was my first pregnancy. He wasn’t ready to take chances.

“But I would have to speak with your husband. Tell him to call me”

“Okay sir”

I stood up and left the consultation room. With the ultrasound result in my hand, I made my way back home on foot since where I lived with my hubby was a stone throw from the hospital.

When I got home, I called my hubby

“Obim, Dr Ejikunle says I have to go through CS”

At first, hubby didn’t speak, so I continued “he said you should call him”

“Alright, I will. Its well. I hope you are okay?”

“Yes dear” I was already in tears but didn’t want to add more sorrow to hubby. Afterwards, I call my mum and related all to her

“It is well Blessing, you won’t even know when its been done. Remember Bro James wife?”

I nodded.

“She had her last two kids through operation. God will see u through”

After hearing that someone I knew had also gone through CS, I was encouraged and calm about the whole issue. The following day, hubby called from work that I should pack my delivery items and go to the hospital, mother in law would be coming to stay with me. The CS has been booked for Thursday, 7am. I was a bit frightened at first but courage soon came to my heart.


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Steps to Salvation

Becoming born again is the greatest thing you can do for yourself. There are so many achievements that one would aim to get in this life but salvation is the greatest of all.

Imagine what it cost God to give us salvation. His only Son was nailed to the cross. Christ looked ahead of the suffering to see the reconciliation his death would bring. He left heaven, his throne and the peace of heaven to come to this world and die for our sins.

If you desire a new life, you want to be saved and be reconciled to God, here the steps you can take to a better life

  • Accept that you have sinned against God
  • Believe that Jesus died for you
  • Confess your sins
  • Depart from your sins
  • Denounce sin partners and any thing that makes you to sin
  • Rejoice evermore because you have been forgiven
  • Find a bible believing church and become a member
  • Pray and read your bible always

I congratulate you if you have taken the above steps. God bless you.

For prayer and counselling, you can reach me via call or WhatsApp through +2348068142524

God bless you.

Stay blessed.


Tips to becoming an A star Student (1)

As a teacher and a previous student, I have to realised that becoming an A star student is not really a big task. I believe no one was born dull, the only difference between an average student and an outstanding student is diligence in studies.

You don’t expect to come out with an outstanding WAEC result if you are not ready to pay the price. Let’s put natural brilliance aside, any student can come up tops if he puts his mind to it.

Some years back when I was in primary school, I was always coming second in class to a friend of mine, Amaka. I just felt that was the most I could go. Amaka and I were close classmates, we visited each other at homes and did our assignments together but she always beat me to second position. I can still remember her front false tooth. Any time she wanted to make jokes, she would pull it out and point it to us, of course we would laugh, shout and run about in our class to avoid her touching us with the false tooth.

Back to my point, one term, Amaka had to change school due to some challenges. I was sad because I knew I would miss her. Nevertheless, life continues. That term, I didn’t take first position, another girl did. My class teacher was surprised and unhappy with me. I remember he called me one day and spoke deep to me. He scolded me for not taking first since my only contender was out of the school. Afterwards he encouraged me to put in more hours of studying. That term, I took the first position and remained at the top of my class throughout my days at Saviour Nursery and Primary School, Bariga. My academic exploits also extended to my secondary  school and undergraduate study.

I have discovered that with extra hours of reading, I have been able to ace my exams and thanks to my primary school teacher who taught me never to be bored with my books.

Are you facing a major exam, don’t panic. Here are steps to ace it:

  • Get the scheme of work for the exam (if possible),
  • Use it to study and prepare for the exam.
  • Try getting any past questions on the exam, study it. (Most exams questions are usually repeated. I am a great fan of past questions and I have always encouraged my WAEC students to get copies of previous years questions). Past questions gives you an insight on the style of questions and they also help to test your preparedness for the exam.
  • Get a private tutor (if you can afford one) or simply ask someone who you know can help you out to spare you part of his time to tutor you.
  • Acquire a positive mindset
  • Avoid depending on examination malpractices. This will give you the strength to study since you know you won’t cheat.

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Have a blessed day.