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It is a goaaaalllllllll

Research as shown that encouraging students to set their own goals can help their academic achievement.

When a student sets goals, it makes him work harder to achieve the goals.

Without goal setting, students cannot know if they are learning and improving.

Goal setting help students to grow, own their learning process and make them aware of their progress.

This Saturday, I will be hosting a free clarity session for learners on goal setting.

Do well to register your child, niece, nephew, cousin, neighbour, friend etc.


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Back-to-School Clarity Session for students. Plan to attend if you are a student.

I want to encourage the average Nigerian student out there.

You will make it.

Don’t listen to the negative things people are saying. “The economy is bad.” “There is no job.” “The labour market is too competitive.” “School na scam.”

Don’t listen to these negative comments.

Resist negative vibes.

You will graduate.

You will get a good job.

You will live the life of your dream.

Look away from your background. It does not determine your worth.

Apply the principles of success.

Perseverance, resilience, and courage.

Make reasonable friends that will add value to you.

Speak to yourself and make positive affirmations.

Trust in God and you work to achieve your dreams.

I’m rooting for you.

See you @ the top.

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